Eddy van Wessel, The Netherlands. Currently based in Sweden.
A documentary photographer, capturing life on the edge in all aspects.
It is in the borderland Eddy van Wessel's work is created, as a kind of raw material of the soul that gives meaning to reality or questions it. The viewer is thrown between the madness of creation and human love, between consent and refusal.
His photos are the result of his perseverance, stubbornness and undisguised interest in his fellow human beings and his curiosity about what war does to man - and his fellow man. Deep down, van Wessel's photos are a graphic protest about the futility of war and man's aspiration to be greater than his suffering.
He now covers the Ukraine war.

Eddy van Wessel worked with international magazines like Stern, Paris Match, LeMonde2, Trouw, Der Spiegel and The Washington Post Magazine.
He won several awards with work from Chechnya, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine:

2022: Winner of Årets bild (Picture of the Year), Årets fotograf (Photographer of the year)
2022, 2019, 2015, 2013: Overall Winner "Zilveren Camera"   
2020, POY, 2e prize
2020  Sony WorldPhoto Awards
2017  Winner foreign news prize 
2004, 2001 Photographer of the year.

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