The Edge of Civilization

Photojournalist Eddy van Wessel has journeyed time and again to conflicted regions in order to document the lives of people and refugees there. Bosnia, Gaza, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have all been the subject of his award-winning photographs. This book offers an intimate and confronting look into the world of a conflict photographer. Through raw commentary, Van Wessel addresses difficult questions, as he repeatedly places himself in dangerous situations in order to tell a story while capturing shocking and multifaceted imagery. Links to extra documentary videos can be found on certain pages of the book using a smartphone with the mobile browser Layar.

Edition: 2013
Language: English / Dutch / Spanish
Publisher:, Huizen
Designer: Bert de Jong (design), Heijdens Karwei (picture editing),
 robstolk, Amsterdam (page make-up)
Lithographer: robstolk, Amsterdam
Printer: robstolk, Amsterdam
Binder: Hexspoor, Boxtel
Dimensions: 200 x 260 x 22
Amount of pages: 192 p.
Number of copies: 500 (E) / 1,000 (D) / 100 (Sp)
ISBN: 978 90 821589 0 8

Price: € 47,50

English: SOLD OUT
Spanish: Fill in details of order specifications in the email box below (possibility of signed copy upon request)

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